Building a Home Team

Thriving happens in community, which is why we have been so encouraged to see our Houston-area local partners come alongside us! As ThriveOn focuses on Building our Home Team hear in Houston, we want to make sure we are building relationships first with key partners and local churches as we build for the future.


The church has a burnout issue. Ministry leaders and cross-cultural workers are leaving their field of service at astronomical rates. According to studies, 70% of cross-cultural workers leave the mission field for preventable reasons, while 50% of ministry leaders feel unable to meet the demands of their calling. These realities result in organizational mistrust and personal trauma.


​ThriveOn provides a holistic approach to wellness anchored in a Christian perspective for cross-cultural workers, ministry leaders, and their families.


ThriveOn's holistic wellness approach creates opportunities for rest, reflection, and renewal within a safe community. Our programs are designed to give participants time and space to unwind, share their stories, and anticipate next steps in their journey.

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​ThriveOn's passion is to reduce the number of preventable losses among ministry leaders and cross-cultural workers, and we cannot do this alone. We believe thriving happens in community.

Imagine the eternal impact when the church is thriving! Will you partner with us financially? Let's ThiveOn - together.