Frequently Asked Questions

Are meals provided?

  • Meals are provided for all 4 Day and for all 5 Day Retreat programs.

  • Meals are not provided for the 3-Week Couples/Individual Counseling Intensive program.

What if I have special dietary needs?

  • If you have special dietary needs, please bring what you will need. Gluten free options will be available.


What will happen if I need to cancel my reservation?

  • You will forfeit your full deposit. 

What happens if I have booked but need to change to a different program time?

  • You will forfeit your full deposit on the already booked program.

  • You will need to pay a deposit on the newly requested program.

What is considered a late cancellation?

  • A late cancellation is considered cancelling your reservation within 30 days of an event.

What happens if I cancel my reservation late?

  • You will forfeit your full deposit.

  • You will incur an additional fee of one half of the cost of the program.

  • The additional fee will be deducted from any program payment monies already collected, or it will be billed to your credit card information on file or billed to your agency.

What happens if I do not cancel my reservation and do not show up for the event?

  • You will be charged the full amount of the program.